October 15, 2019


October 2019


CIVIC League General Membership Meetings:

  • Unless otherwise noted, meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday of January, April, and September of each year.  They are usually held at the Kempsville Meadows Elementary School on Edwin Dr., and run from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.  Plan to attend.   The meetings are interesting and we always have coffee and cookies!
  • We are always looking for topics for our programs and guest speakers.  To make suggestions for additional guest speakers/ topics, you may contact Jim Stone at j.b.stone@verizon.net, or by using the “Contact Us” page on the Larkspur Civic League Web Site https://larkspurvb.club/.    We'll try to work it in, or let you know why we could not.
  • Civic League Points of Contact:  Mike Anderson – League President at 757-585-5695, or Jody Korman – League Treasurer at 757-467-1800.

The Next General Membership Meeting will be in January 2020.

We are looking at several topics to include. Tentatively we expect the program to include a presentation on the Lynnhaven River Now initiative and Pearl Home designation. This would be timely with spring not too far around the corner.




The Civic League Board of Trustees sponsored a meeting between residents on the southeast side of Edwin (school side), the board, and Virginia Beach Utilities Traffic Division to answer questions/issues in the ongoing discussion of whether a sidewalk on that side of Edwin is feasible, desirable, and supported by property owners.   The meeting was held on 22 Aug, 6:30 pm at the Kempsville Rec Center.   Seven of a possible thirty-one owners attended.

National Night Out 2019 at the Larkspur Swim and Racquet Club was held on Tuesday 6 Aug 2019

This was a fun and rewarding event at the pool, and was very successful in promoting police/first responders/state and local officials and We community partnerships and neighborhood awareness. We hope the pool continues to sponsor this event.   We have a few photos in the gallery.

The Larkspur Annual Civic League Hosted Neighborhood Picnic Sat, 01 Jun.

To all who attended, thank you.  We hope you had a great time.  Thanks as well to the LSRC for hosting and assisting, and our volunteers as well.  The weather looked a bit "iffy" at the start of the day, but cleared up nicely just in time.  Wishing all the  best as the summer season begins.

Past General Membership Meetings

Meeting of 25 Sep, 2019

  •  We continue to be interested in volunteers to serve on the civic league board of trustees.
  •  Michael Fouts has taken over as president of the civic league, effective 25 Sep.  Mike Anderson will continue to serve on the board.  Our sincere thanks to Mike Anderson for the many hours of excellent service and stewardship as our president.
  •  The Honorable Tina Sennen, Circuit Court Clerk, Virginia Beach Circuit Court, was our principal speaker, along with several of her staff.   She, her Chief Deputy Tracey Entwisle, Nancy White - Supervisor Civil Division, and Dustyn Anderson - Probate Department, will discussed the importance of wills, key aspects of a valid will, the probate process, and other information on the court’s civil matters, and impacts on Virginia Beach residents in general.
  •  Sgt. Wiggins, VBPD 4th precinct gave an update on crime rates in Larkspur.  The results were encouraging, in that Larkspur continues to experience a very low crime rate.  That said, Pat Molnar continues to encourage participation in Neighborhood Watch.
  •  Several candidates for state office elections introduced themselves to attendees.

Meeting of May 01, 2019:

  • An update on a Sidewalk Proposal for Edwin Drive. At the request of a number of residents, we tasked the Civic League Board of Trustees to explore this as a possibility. Jim Stone provided an update to the membership on what we have found out so far, and possible next steps, as well as how we will respond to the voices of affected owners should this move forward. We had hoped to have a representative from the Virginia Beach Public Works, Traffic Engineering on hand to answer any additional questions or concerns, but he was unavailable due to prior commitments.  Slides can be viewed / downloaded here.Projects
  • Neighborhood Watch Program. Pat Molnar  provided an update on this important program, how it works, and how you can become involved.
  • Mike Anderson asked for your support in soliciting new members of the Civic League Board of Trustees.   Several current members’ terms are expiring and we would welcome new members willing to help out on our Board of Trustees. It does not take up a lot of time, and you would be contributing to our great neighborhood in doing so.

Meeting of Jan 16, 2019:

In addition to regular business, guest presenters included Mr. Gary Zalas from the VBPD Community Engagement Office, who presented programs offered for seniors i.e., The Operation Lookout Expanded Program, Project Lifesaver, Senior Citizens Police Academy, Medical Prescription Take back program, TRIAD and more, as well as answering questions.  We also were honored to hear from Mr. Dan Edwards, the Kempsville representative on the School Board, on upcoming changes and the overall outlook of our public school system.  Thanks to both for their time.