March 20, 2019


Good Morning Joe,


Lets get started by changing some of your pages (bylaws and whatnot). First you need to navigate to the “All Pages” section of the dashboard.

As you can see in this picture the all pages section is under the pages tab on the left hand side of the dashboard. Click the all pages button to get a list of the pages to edit


Hover over what ever page you want to change and select the “Edit button”:



This will open up a text editor much like Microsoft Word. Here you can edit any of the text as well as add images to the website.




That is how you edit pages. The front page is made up of individual posts. The editing of these posts are the exact same as editing pages. they are located under the “All Post” section of the dashboard:



To change a picture in a post, we are going to delete the image and use the “Add Media” button I showed you earlier. So first we need to hover over the post “A Previous Yard of the Month” under the “All Posts” menu and click Edit, then we are going to delete the picture, and then finally add the new one. We need to do a little bit of style adjustments as well. Please see the pictures below for a step by step:







This is just a start before I go on vacation. If you click any of the images, it should enlarge them for you.